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What to do if you are involved in an accident?

  1. Stop. Stay calm.  Do not leave the scene.
  2. Make sure everyone is medically OK. If not, call 911 for medical assistance immediately.
  3. Call law enforcement authorities if needed.
  4. Do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police, your insurance company, or your auto body repair facility.
  5. Do not pay the other party.
  6. Secure the names and addresses of involved parties and witnesses.
  7. If your vehicle is not safe to drive, have it towed to LENTS BODY SHOP INC.
  • call us at 503-774-7497 for assistance
  • or call SPEED’S TOWING AT 503-234-5555 (24 hours a day) — and tell them to secure and tow your vehicle to us.
  • If your car is with another towing company, tell them to tow it to LENTS BODY SHOP INC.
  • Remember, we will pay for the initial tow bill, and will include that cost in the final repair bill to the responsible party.
  1. If your vehicle is safe to drive, call us directly at 503-774-7497 — or stop to see us as soon as possible.
  2. If the accident is the other party’s fault, you are entitled to a rental car during the time that your vehicle is in the shop for repairs. Our staff will assist you, or you may contact Enterprise Rental Cars @ 503-774-7744 and they will pick you up at our office, and will assist in direct billing to most insurance companies.
  3. Notify your insurance company of the accident and tell them that you have chosen LENTS BODY SHOP INC. to do your repairs.
  4. Partial List of Insurance Companies
  • ⇓ Click to expand list...

    21st Century Ins., AIG Insurance, Allstate Ins., AMCO Ins., American Bankers Ins., American Commerce Ins., American Family Ins., American National Ins., American Standard, Ameriprise Ins., AMEX Assurance, Austin Mutual Ins., California Casualty Ins., Coast Insurance, Coast National Ins., Country Companies, Dairyland Ins., Deerbrook Ins., Economy Ins., Electric Ins., Esurance, Farmers Ins., Financial Indemnity, Fidelity National Ins., Foremost Ins., Geico Ins., GMAC Ins., Grange Ins., Guide One Ins., Horace Mann Ins., IDS Insurance, Illinois National Ins., Kemper Ins., Liberty Mutual Ins., Met Life Ins, Metropolitan Ins., Mid-Century Ins., Mutual of Enumclaw, National General Ins., Nationwide, North Pacific Ins., Ohio Casualty Ins., Oregon Auto Ins., Oregon Mutual Ins., Pemco Ins., Progressive Ins., Safeco Ins., Sentinel Ins., Sentry Ins., State Farm Ins., Sublimity Ins., Teachers Ins., The Hartford, Travelers Ins., Unigard Ins., Unitrin Ins., USAA Insurance, Valley Ins., Victoria Ins., Voyager Ins., Wawanesa Ins., West American Ins., Western Protectors Ins., Western United Ins., Workman’s Ins., Zurich American Ins.


    If your insurance company is not listed, please call us to review!!!


Payment Methods

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, Debit Cards, as well as Insurance Checks, Cash, Certified or Cashier checks (personal check accepted with proper id and management approval).


Please ask our staff any questions regarding how your insurance company processes payments. Like all businesses, please note that LENTS BODY SHOP INC. requires full payment or direct insurance billing authorization once your vehicle is completed and returned to you.

To avoid delays, please inquire should there be any questions or concerns. Our shop personal is ready to assist you in any of these matters.

We will work closely with you to minimize your inconvenience & maximize your satisfaction.  This is our promise and pledge to you.

  • ⇓ Do I need three estimates?

    NO, under ORS 746.275 you are not required to get more than one estimate. Obviously you may obtain second opinion estimates if you desire — but no one can demand that. Many insurance companies will either prepare their own staff generated estimates, or hire an independent adjusting firm should a second estimate be desired. Lents Body Shop Inc. will negotiate and finalize any repair costs on your behalf with the appropriate responsible party.

  • ⇓ You have the legal right to select the auto body shop of
       your choice.

    This is an “Oregon State Consumer Protection Law”. Remember this is YOUR VEHICLE, and YOU decide who you want to repair it – just as YOU DECIDE who your doctor or dentist will be. Carefully choose a repair shop, leave your vehicle there and notify your insurance agent.

  • ⇓ You are not required to use any shop selected by any
       insurance claims adjuster.

    However, you will need to allow your insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the damages prior to repairing them. We will assist you with that issue.

  • ⇓ Only you, the vehicle owner, can authorize the repairs on
       your vehicle - not the insurance company.

    Repair estimates will vary. A lower or cheaper estimate may not include necessary damage costs required to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. It is your vehicle; make sure it’s repaired to your satisfaction by a reputable shop.

  • ⇓ Your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired
       and you to be completely satisfied with their claims service.

    You have specific rights & obligations. Review your policy. Understand your rights.

  • ⇓ Illegal Steering.

    Beware that a few insurance companies may attempt to “steer” you to one of their “preferred authorized shops”. Be careful. While many shops may or may not participate in some of these “authorized shop” insurance programs, unfortunately some shops may have cut “back door” deals with a few insurance companies who attempt to limit or cheapen the recommended factory repair procedures. Just tell your insurance company that you want Lents Body Shop inc. to repair your vehicle. Call us, and we will do the rest or for more information see www.oregonlaws.org/ors/746.280

  • ⇓ What if my vehicle has frame damage?

    Most cars today are built using unibody construction, meaning that the frame and body of the car have multiple parts welded together as one component. These parts may sometimes be repairable…. or if extensively damaged, may need portions of these parts replaced. Lents Body Shop Inc. has all of the specialized equipment needed for these repairs, and we are able to straighten or replace the damaged parts to meet factory-approved specifications.

  • ⇓ How long will my vehicle repairs take?

    There are many factors that need to be considered. For example: how extensive is the repair? Are the correct parts in stock locally – or will there be a delay because of any back ordered or shipping delays? Is there supplemental damage costs needing authorized on hidden damages found after the vehicle has been disassembled or torn down? Are there any insurance inspection delays slowing down the repair process? Remember – dry time is needed for primers, sealers, and paint finishes to cure. We do accelerate these times with our paint booth bake ovens – which we utilize to match the factory finish as close as possible.

  • ⇓ Our staff can estimate the amount of time that it will take to repair your vehicle, but please remember that this is only an estimate.

    And keep in mind, the longer we keep your vehicle the more it costs us in terms of valuable storage and repair facility space, so we will get it back to you as quick as we can.

  • ⇓ Who pays for the repairs? How do I arrange insurance payments, supplements, betterment and deductible payment? Is a deposit required?

    The vehicle is being repaired for you the owner. Insurance companies very on how they make payments. We will assist you in direct billing most insurance companies. If there are any lien holders, it may be necessary for you to obtain any necessary endorsements from them. You may be required to pay your co-pay or deductible or any un-insured costs upon completion of the repairs. Deposits may be required if there are special non-returnable parts needing to be pre-ordered.

  • ⇓ Do I need to pay a deductable?

    If the accident was your fault, or if the claim is going under your own insurance, you will need to determine how much your deductible is, based on the policy you purchased. Deductibles vary depending on what you agreed to when you purchased your insurance policy. It will also depend on whether your claim is filed under your collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist (hit and run) coverage, or any other policy provisions. Your insurance agent or the adjuster handling your claim will help you determine the amount of deductible as per your policy coverage.

  • ⇓ When and who do I pay my deductable to?

    Your deductible is payable and due to the shop when you pick up your vehicle and the repairs are completed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, Debit Cards, as well as Insurance Checks, Cash, Certified or Cashier checks (personal check accepted with proper ID and management approval).

  • ⇓ Can you bury the deductible for me?

    From time to time, we all are faced with requests from car owners to “bury the deductible” when automobile damage is covered by insurance.

    Before the vehicle owner takes his collision-damaged car around the corner to someone who will bury the deductible, that same owner should be advised of, and consider the following:

    • Conspiring to bury the deducible is committing fraud upon the insurance company and is against the law in most states.
    • Insurance company appraisers understand the costs of repairs as well as body shop personal and cannot be fooled by inflated estimates.
    • If a shop agrees to bury the deductible, it has to take shortcuts in making the repairs, and the owner could get a second – rate job, which depreciates the value of the car at trade in time.
    • A body shop willing to cheat an insurance company probably will be equally willing to cheat the car owner. A body shop rarely absorbs the deductible. The value is taken right out of the job, and it is the car owner who still takes the loss.
    • If the body shop decides to cut corners on the job, and it ends up second rate, the owner has no one to complain to if he conspired the bury the deductible.

    The smart thing for a vehicle owner to do is to protect their investment by getting a first class repair job from a first class shop, and be thankful that all they have to pay is the deductible. After all, we know you wouldn’t want to be involved in any fraudulent activity!

  • ⇓ Do I have to file an accident report?

    Under Oregon Law, you will need to fill out a state accident report form if the repair costs exceed $1,500.00, if there was an injury or death, or if any vehicle is towed from the scene of the accident as a result of damages. We have those forms available in our office, or you may go online and print one out at: www.odot.state.or.us/forms/dmv/32.pdf

  • ⇓ Do I need to replace my child's car seat after an accident?

    Yes, if a child was in the car seat at the time of an accident. Contact your insurance agent or your adjuster and tell them about the car seat needing replacement. Also, it is very important to have all seat belts and shoulder lap belts inspected. If you feel they are malfunctioning, do not drive the vehicle. Consider having the vehicle towed to the repair shop to have them inspected. For more information, see www.car-seat.org

  • ⇓ Why didn't my AIR BAGS deploy?

    When airbags deploy, multiple criteria have to be met. But in general for an airbag to deploy, the speed needs to be over 30 mph, the angle of impact needs to be within 15 degrees of direct frontal or side impact, and now, with occupant sensors, someone needs to be in the seat of the occupant at risk.

    One thing to note, when your airbag deploys, you will often need to replace the seat belts in use at the time of the accident.

    Click here to read the full article.


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