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Preventing Pollution is Everyone’s Business


Watch those chemicals

We use non toxic cleaners and solvents whenever possible.  We also maximize the use of cleaners and fluids before they are recycled.  This reduces air and water pollution and is safer for our employees and for you, our customers.

Keeping it clean

We sweep, vacuum and mop floors instead of hosing them down.  Wash water can carry pollutants down storm drains and directly into local rivers and streams.  We clean up spills immediately.

We clean up

We use chemicals only in designated area.  We clean up spills with dry absorbent and dispose of it properly to avoid contamination.

Safe storage

Our shop follows manufacturer’s directions for storage and shelf life of the products we useto service your vehicle.  We use only what we need, and we safeguard against leaks and spills.

Recycling makes sense

We reduce, reuse and recycle fluids and solid wastes on our site.  Unless you want them, we recycle used parts from your vehicle.  We buy recycled office supplies and other material whenever possible.

Practice makes perfect

We train all our employees in good environmental practices.  They know storage requirements, spill procedures and potential hazards of materials and practices.

The Eco-Logical seal in our window is your sign that we are doing our best to protect the environment.  This extra effort and care might result in slightly higher costs to do the right job for the environment as well as your vehicle.  We are one of the shops in this area committed to a cleaner environment.

We use the same care in protecting the environment as we do in servicing your car or truck


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